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The man who has no imagination has no wings” –Mohammad Ali.

I equally agree with the thought of the great thinker who said all men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. But there are traits they all share in common to achieve their dreams. Determination, hard-work and courage. It takes  courage, determination, sweat and hard-work to make dreams become reality.Imagine someone dreaming of success,and someone who wake up and work hard to it. Who do you think will turn dreams to reality?



Nigeria is young and growing population of over 150 Million citizens that bristles with intelligence, drive and energy, but unfortunately,we continue pulling ourselves back by dwelling on the forecast that the world economy is shifting to Africa, while we are not doing much as individuals to make this vision come to reality. Nigeria is projected to surpass South Africa as the largest economy in Africa in the near future. This sounds really promising, but as encouraging and promising as it is,we are not going to go far (I am sorry for bursting your bubble too soon) if we do not put our drive and energy into action as individuals.

We all have different qualities in us which are yet to be discovered. Some have discovered it, but they are not developing it. It is alright if we get it all wrong from the beginning. It is fine to make mistakes, but not learning from mistakes is the worst tragedy that could ever happen to human being. I saw a quote of Donald Rumsfeld, which I like so much and I think it matters to us “It isn’t making mistakes that’s critical; it’s correcting them and getting on with the principal task” Let us leave our past behind, it has gone forever, and our present is more important to us than our future, because our present shapes our future. So how do we use what is right with us to correct what is wrong with us? By harnessing our vast untapped resources,by starting to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship,when we start encouraging political stability,when we cultivate human potential,when we start thinking more and learning more on how to add value to our on lives through leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, agriculture, art, sports, literature, science etc.

Okay,let me save the generality for another post and direct the issue personally to me and you. After all,you and I make the society. If  you feel you are bold enough to face your fear and develop the idea you have been nursing for long in your mind; and you do not know what to do and how to start, this post will be a motivation for you. This will guide you through knowing more about yourself(Self discovery), learning how to increase your
knowledge and turning your vision to reality in your own best interest. I did a lot of thinking, study, reading and of course consultation; I am able come out with 3 key steps that will motivate you to execute the vision you have.




Sayings have it that nobody knows yourself than you are. Self discovery is the process of having knowledge of oneself. Knowing yourself is far beyond knowing your name, age, sex, family members, knowing your favourite colour, your hobbies or interest. Let me unfold the mystery of self discovery to you, though I will not be able to tell you about yourself, but I would be glad to help you by making my post a direction to your journey of self discovery. I will also be helping myself by sharing the guidelines with you. After all, Mahatma Gandhi said in his word “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’”


There are few tips I will give you on how to discover yourself, but in the foremost, I want to give you a piece of useful advice. If you are one of the people who do not keep record of events or happening in their lives, please change the attitude. Please get diary and keep records of the happenings in your life, both past events and the current happening, it goes a long way in knowing who you are. Knowing more about yourself involves some little time of writing. Outline all your major goals. Those you feel you have achieved and those you want to achieve. On the other
hand, write down the events that have affected your personal and career life positively and negatively. When reflecting or writing the negative experience, do not dwell on it ;instead, look into the positive learning message in the experience. Take your time to analyze your past as well as the present and also the future(where you have been,where you are and where you are going) You can achieve this by shutting yourself away from interaction, chit-chat, media, noise and some other distractions. Make yourself
comfortable in a serene environment and start ruminating. Prepare to ask yourself questions in some aspect of your life from personal,emotional,career,financial to social questions about who you are. You are the best person to answer the questions, but please do give yourself honest answers to the questions.


Ask yourself of the goals you have set in your life and that of the goals you have achieved. Ask yourself about your purpose in life and what you are doing to live the life.
Ask yourself about the factors that influence your success towards achieving your goals and the factors that hinder you from achieving some of your goals. Go ahead, ask yourself what makes you happy and what makes you sad.
Ask yourself the questions about how you react to victory and defeat.
Ask yourself the period of life you like most and the period you like least.
Ask yourself about the things you like doing irrespective of the negative or positive response from the outside world.
Ask yourself how many close friends you have and what you have gained in your relationship with them.
Ask yourself why you make friends with some people.


These questions and your answers to them help you get the clearer picture of who you are. By asking these questions, it updates your understanding of who you are and how
to change. Asking these questions about yourself and responding to same question will give you the courage to trust your instinct. Act now on your newly discovered knowledge.
Your inner strength is your outer foundation” -Allan Rufus



You have learnt about yourself and discovered new you, but the world is not about you alone, remember. You need more knowledge of your environment,the society you live. You need the practical knowledge about how you live,manage and fulfill your dreams. If you can read and write about what you see on this post, I believe you have basic knowledge of what learning is all about. Either you learn through education,personal development,training or  schooling; there are some factors or words that cannot be ruled out of learning:



These keywords represent the true definition of learning. Though there are different kind of learning,but the ultimate goal of learning is to acquire new knowledge/skills or modify
existing knowledge. I belong to Mahatma Ghandi’s school of thought that says “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” Learning is a continuous process. It should be viewed as journey and not destination. You may be learning through different ways, formal(Schooling) or informal(day by day experience of life) whichever way you follow, what matters is the individual and societal benefit of your knowledge.


At this juncture, I want to clarify the difference between education and schooling which I actually got from a post online: Education is the process of learning towards gaining some skills, knowledge and attitude for the benefit of an individual or the society as a whole. Schooling on the other hand is the means of acquiring education. Someone who had gone to school to acquire knowledge and such skill/knowledge is utilized to benefit him/herself and the society is said to be educated. But someone who went to school and does not benefit the society or himself with the acquired knowledge,such person is said to have undergone schooling.

The best way to keep learning after school is self-education which includes reading, writing, studying, findings, research, asking questions, sharing, teaching and transferring of  knowledge. I will highlight few tips that I use in learning, which can also be a resource for you.


You will always have something new to learn when you open a book.  It is often said that readers are leaders. Make it a daily routine to read few pages of book. Read books, magazines, articles, newsletters, dailies, journals both offline and online (though in my opinion,the offline method is more effective) to broaden your knowledge. It will add more value reading those books that are related to the niche you found for yourself and even from those that does not have correlation with your area, you still have something to gain,no knowledge is  wasted. In books, you will find information about things you want to do, thing you want to know, things you want to start or how to go about doing those things. You will  find things you already know and things you don’t know.


Some people somewhere have already written something about that thing you want to know, it is your responsibility to find out. You will read through the minds of people and their lives. Reading will exercise your brain and increase your intelligence. In book, you will find information and power.

* Studying:

Take your time to study things that interest you most. Watch carefully, look, examine and understand what catches your interest. The more you study those things, the more you familiarize yourself with them, them more you know about them and the more you gain confidence in sharing them.

*Ask questions:

Don’t feel shy or too proud to ask that question about the things you don’t know. Nobody knows it all. Be inquisitive. Asking is part of learning process. If you don’t
ask, you won’t know much. Even if you feel you are knowledgeable than the person you want to ask the question from,he or she may have the right answer for you. Ask more, you will get more response and you will know more.

*Speak less,listen more:

Experience  makes me realize that saving your words will keep you more out of trouble than getting you into one.  Though it is important to speak your mind, it is equally important to listen while others speak. Most people do not like interruption in the midst of a conversation,speech or account of an event,and you will not want to lose vital information from them; so it will not do you harm to listen attentively while they speak. You learn more by being a good listener. Be a good listener than an excellent speaker.

* Teach:

Yes,teach! Transfer the knowledge you have acquired in the process of learning by teaching others; and by doing so, you are also learning more. In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. Getting involved in the teaching of what you know will always renew the knowledge or skill you have acquired.



Potential are qualities that exist in you and these qualities can best be developed by you. A world of potential is in you! It is left for you to discover, explore, take action and achieve it. How do you unlock your potential after discovering who you are and what your goals are? How do you use your acquired knowledge to realize your vision? Here are some clue on how to unlock your potential

(i) Clarify your motivation. Set your goals and highlight the reasons why you are aiming to achieve the goals, then why it is important to you and how this makes you feel.
Prioritize your goals and make reaching them one of the important aspect of your life.

(ii) Plan on how to work around the goals you have set e.g write down the amount of time, energy and attention you will devote daily or weekly to reach your goals. Let your plan be known to close relatives and few trusted friends, so that they can support and encourage you to embark on your journey to reality.

(iii) Associate yourself with positive people. It is important to surround yourself with good advisers, even if you are sticking to your own ideas. Tips to doing this is choosing few people (two or three people) who motivate and inspire you in a positive way. It does not necessarily mean you should know the person directly. The individual(s) may be famous figure, who you like most of his ideas, philosophy, lifestyle, sayings, quotes and messages and it  affect who you are positively;just makes sure they are men of qualities. Because it is better to be alone than in a bad company.

(iv) Be creative. Make fun while you inspire yourself to realize your dreams. Frame the picture of your dreams and make it visible and physical to you. You can do this by creating a message board or a vision board for your goals. follow this process:

Get a big sheet or cardboard, write “How will I turn my vision to reality”  Then write “I will make things happen by” … cut pictures, quotes,words etc, all around it; of the things you need and want to happen. Place it up somewhere you will see daily. It will keep you focused and layout clear path to delivering your potential to the world.
You have dreamt of becoming the billion dollar man, the next celebrated Technology guru, the most successful entrepreneur, becoming one of the most influential personality or leader, your dreams will only come to reality if you wake up from your sleep and take action. Stop holding yourself back with those flimsy excuses like: I do not have the money, the environment is unfriendly, I am too young to embark on the journey…
On getting factual information from this post, you are in charge! Take action and start now!!


But on a last note, do not forget to share this vital information freely. Please do not hesitate to feed me back on how you are doing well with your goals, and if I can help in anyway,you can drop a comment below or send me a tweet on Twitter or comment on my facebook  page
I am  fulfilled in helping you realize your dreams.


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