DAYS BEFORE MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2017: My #SaloneDelMobile2017 Milano Experience 2

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Frankly, I dislike suspense and I would not like to keep my followers waiting for long before I continue with the account of my travel to Milan experience. Last week, I published a post about how I invested in myself through Milan. You can follow the piece here, to keep you updated about where the story begins.


My motive of sharing these experiences is to let you into my personal life; how I see life as an adventure, take challenges as opportunities turned inside out,  see traveling as part of education and how I see exhibition/fair as a venue for building business network.


I see blog website as a platform to share knowledge and learn from experiences. I  am not publishing for you readers to give me a pat on the back; I rather want to share how I have been acquiring knowledge through experience and how I also want to learn from everyone of you.


Relax! It is not going to be too  formal. It is my personal experience and this post will reveal some interesting part of my casual lifestyle.


After I have completed my travel arrangements, I was basking in the euphoria of getting ready to see beautiful Milano, when I received a reminder email. The email came from Intern Nations Rome; an expatriate community in Rome, that organizes events/parties to connect expatriates in the city. It was a Thursday night event, held till 3:30 AM of the other day (Friday).


Please, permit me save the story of the Inter Nations event for another day, so let us continue with the Milan experience. I only want you to understand that my bed missed me that Thursday night.

On 30th March, Friday, I followed up with some works at hand and I had a nap. Yes, a nap (Laughs). One of my weaknesses is that I do not create quality time for sleeping; it is bad though.


The same Friday, my housemates and friends; Antonio and Jack informed me of an art themed nightclub they discovered and I was invited. Since it was Friday, and the only thing I was going to do next day (Saturday) was to catch up the bus to Milan, I accepted the invite. Let’s go there!


I study and work hard when I am at work, I also party hard when the occasion calls for it. In the club, I seized some moments to reason on ideas. Inspiration can come to you just anywhere, believe me. The club has a free entry policy, but I cannot count the number of expensive wines, spirits and champagnes that were popped by the patrons that night.


I learnt something from the strategy of the nightclub. It was another eye opener for me. Though it is wide and complicated, but if you are a business savvy individual, you will flow with me.


Well, since I only had the plan of dancing and seeing Rome’s nightlife from another angle, I had to keep to this intention. I danced, had a little bit of vodka and mingled with some beautiful ladies. (smile)


My spirit was lifted in the club; I was satisfied with the experience. Then the day broke, we left the club, got home and everyone left for his room. My friends bade me farewell in advance, in case we did not see one another before my departure to Milan.


The bus was booked to leave Rome at 12:50PM so I took the risk of taking a nap before going to the bus park, and I almost missed the bus. I got to the bus pack at exactly 12:51PM. I was the last man everyone was waiting for, so no time for storytelling; my ticket was checked and I hopped on the bus and got on my way to Milan.

Man-made beauties in Milan.

Owing to the lifestyle I lived a couple of days before embarking on the journey, I should be sleeping on that bus to Milan. Perhaps, a normal human being should be sleeping (Laughs) but sometimes I see myself as a strange being.


I got a seat at the back of the bus, very close to the window; I was sighting and admiring the wonderful nature of life along the road. I saw rocky mountains and passed through some of them. I  wondered about the greenness of beautiful landscape, the uniformity of the flocking birds and the sight of the stream valley, all on my way to Milan.

Natural work of art. Beautiful!


The journey got more interesting when I got to Tuscany, the province that harbours Florence; the city with a rich history of renaissance art and architecture as her capital, and Arezzo, the city which saw the birth of the great Italian Sculptor, Architect and Poet; Michelangelo.

Palazzo Di Giustizia Firenze.(Palace of Justice,Florence,Italy)

I was so carried away by the thought of Florence that I could not take photos of some company factories I saw in Tuscany, but I memorized the big brands, maybe because I am a fan of one of them ( Wondering which of it? Find out! ). I saw outlet factories of high end designer brands, Prada and Gucci in the outskirt of Florence.


I passed through  Emilia-Romagna, which has Bologna as its capital, but the bus did not pass through the centre of Bologna, so I did not see much of the beauty of Bologna. Bologna is another city I dream of visiting during my stay in Italy.


I knew the wait was almost over when I saw the highway signboard, showing the direction to Brescia, the second largest city in the region of Lombardy. I know IKEA is everywhere, but since I did not have enough time to explore Brescia, the memory I could recount about it is the IKEA outlet I saw near the city and another one close to Pavia.


I hope my good friend from Brescia will not pick offense because I did not capture my moments while transiting through Brescia. Forgive me lad, Brescia is on my list.


The bus was scheduled to get to Milan at 8:30PM, but it arrived fifteen minutes earlier.  Finally, I got to Lampugnano station where I took a metro train to the city centre. This is Milano da bere” (Milan to drink)


Interestingly, the first thing that caught my attention was the eco-friendly public bus in Milan. All the public buses I saw and travelled with in the city were so clean and green. No wonder the city does not handle her ticket control system with kid gloves.

Interior of Milan (ATM) EcoBus

It was an easy process for me to locate the bus station. The metro ticket I bought was valid for major public transport system (bus,train,metro,tram) within the city of Milan and other neighouring cities of the region.

Milan (ATM)EcoBus from afar. ATM: Azienda Trasporti Milanesi. This is the public transport company of Milan.

I got into the EcoBus Euro6, waiting on the driver to take me to the hostel I booked. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that the hostel I stayed was close to San Siro Stadium.


LampugnanoBolona M1(8 stops) then – Via Novara Via Cascina Bellaria – then a few minutes walk! I got to the hostel, introduced myself as the new guest and  something amazing happened.


Wow! dear readers, I will continue the story in the next (final) episode. I need to attend to other engagements. See you next week. Ciao!

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About Abiodun A. Abiodun

Abiodun is the Founder of BlueEagle International, a retail firm. He is also the founder of He is an entrepreneur, writer, barber and interior designer. Abiodun discusses and writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, business and economy. He has interest in luxury, art, fashion, travel and technology. Abiodun is passionate about sport, particularly football (soccer) and boxing.


    1. Milan is a beautiful city. I am already giving you hint about its beauty. The next post will come in a couple of days;it has full details of my experience in Milan.

      Next destination will be Amsterdam, Helsinki,Berlin or… keep guessing.

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