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Do you have any plan to achieve success in the new year 2018? I am not a soothsayer, but I see you achieving success earlier than you anticipated, if you could focus on improving yourself. Self-improvement fires the light to success, and it only requires some regularly activities with great level of commitment.

I have made a compilation of 15 practical ways of self-improvement, which I have written below:

1. Set goals
Setting goals for yourself and achieving all the goals is a way of improving yourself. Dream of big things you want to achieve, make steps to achieve them by breaking them to smaller goals, then make a picture of them in your mind by writing them and posting them on places you will see them more than 2 times daily. Say the dreams out to yourself everyday and take steps in achieving them.

In my own case, I stick my goals on my desk, some copies in my wardrobe and another copies on my devices. Every morning, I remind myself of the goals by saying it out to the mirror.

2. Read books
Try all your level best to read a new book everyday. Book reading helps the brain to stay focused and improves memory.

If you train your brain to remember a lot of things and stay focused, you will achieve a lot of goals within the time limit you set for yourself.

3. Learn new skills
Acquiring and applying new skills is always exciting. It comes with satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Attaining some set of little
heights may serve as spring board for you to reach greater heights.

Overcoming challenges while learning the new skills will give you the courage to drive on, when you are faced with some obstacles while trying to achieve your big goals in the new year.

In the coming year, I want to acquire a new language skill, improve my time management skills, learn graphic design skills, learn public speaking and improve my martial art skills.

4. Travel
Travel makes you see life from another perspective. Travelling to new places brings in fresh ideas, new imagination and gives you chance to rekindle your memories. Start making your travel plan for next year

If you cannot afford to travel outside your country or city, just travel to any neighbouring town or place you have never visited before.

In 2017, I travelled to one of the Scandinavian countries and I learnt so many things on the journey. In 2018, I will be travelling to one or two cities in Asia.

5. Learn new language
Language is the number one tool of communication. It is useful to understand more than one language of communication. The ability to understand and be able to speak a language understandably, is a skill.

If you would like to improve yourself to achieve success in 2018, try and learn a new language. In 2018, I plan to learn Mandarin Chinese, French or German.

6. Be passionate
Let your passion guide you to achieve your goals in the coming year. Share your project, work or cause passionately.

Passion energizes you to keep believing in your dreams, and it will convince people around
you to believe in you. Be passionate about whatever you will be doing in 2018.

7. Be optimistic
The roads are not always smooth. In fact, the routes to achievement are always crooked and rough; entailing doubt and uncertainty.

Do not be discouraged before you even start the journey. Optimism will take you to heights you never think you could attain. Work diligently and always hope for the best in 2018.

8. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise activities improve our health mentally and physically. Exercise activity also boosts confidence in human being.

Create a schedule for regular exercise to build your body and mind for challenges and opportunities in the coming year.

9. Eat healthy food
Healthy food is the friend of the body, but not all foods are healthy. If you eat body friendly food, your body system will function properly and it will have impact on your well being.

I would recommend you eat more vegetables, fruits and seafood in the coming year.

10. Meditate
Create time to remain alone and reason for a minimum of 10 to 30 minutes daily. Meditation will help you in coming up with critical thinking, which tends to help you generate new and better
strategies to actualize your dream.

To meditate, some people do yoga, but I take a walk or go to secluded areas like parks and hills to meditate. In 2018, I plan to go to mountain top to meditate.

11. Have fun
Take your time to relax and rejuvenate often in the coming year. The time and energy you have exhausted in tackling obstacles and facing daily life challenges should be recuperated to improve your well being.

The easiest way to recover those times is to relax and have fun. You will gain more energy to tackle and conquer challenging activities when you take some of your time to have fun.

12. Be organized and stay focused
There is no better way to improve yourself and achieve success than being organized and staying focused. Schedule your daily activities:
sleeping, eating, checking e-mails, working, exercise, meeting & appointments etc.

Make use of alarms, notifiers, sticky notes, diary to organize your events and activities and follow your arrangements religiously to stay focused.

You will be surprised how soon you will achieve most of your big goals before the deadline you set for yourself.

13. Track your progress
To know how far you have gone and how long you still have to go, towards realizing the goals you set to achieve in the new year, it is necessary for you to track your progress periodically.

Do not wait till the end of the year to check what you have achieved and what you have not.

I check my progress on small goals daily, and this helps me in tracking my bigger goals at the end of every month and every quarter of the year.

14. Do new things
Do something new to develop your inner man. The excitement that comes with doing new things can inspire and lead you to do things that are bigger than you.

Engaging in new things come with new challenges and opportunities. If you want to grow, you have to engage yourself with fresh things and new challenges. Opportunities hide in new challenges.

In 2017, I was involved in organizing a startup event in my host city. In the coming year, I will be doing some new things in my social circle, academics and career; that will challenge and make me a better person.

15. Start or support a cause
The society has given you a whole lot of lessons for free. Some of the experiences you have learnt from the society should ignite your drive to be the change you want to see or to promote the goods you have

In the coming year, try and get involved in a selfless project, either by starting afresh or getting involved in an existing one. Offering charitable services to the society will improve your personality, earn
you respect and will challenge you to keep improving yourself.

The first step in achieving new year goals is to make plan on improving yourself. Start planning for your new year success now!

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Abiodun is the Founder of BlueEagle International, a retail firm. He is also the founder of mybroadstreet.com

He is an entrepreneur, writer, barber and interior designer. Abiodun discusses and writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, business and economy.

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About Abiodun A. Abiodun

Abiodun is the Founder of BlueEagle International, a retail firm. He is also the founder of mybroadstreet.com He is an entrepreneur, writer, barber and interior designer. Abiodun discusses and writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, business and economy. He has interest in luxury, art, fashion, travel and technology. Abiodun is passionate about sport, particularly football (soccer) and boxing.


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