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Do you want to make good money and avoid paying extra rent for business space? Yes, you can make meaningful income and become a millionaire in the comfort of your own home.

Most of my posts come from personal experience in business. I have never thought of working from home before, but a major change that happened in the capital city of my state forced me to think in that direction. Road expansion project by the state government completely consumed my shop and major part of my office in the same building.

I am not really moved about this development because change is permanent. My concern is about people who might have experienced the same situation, but do not have idea of where and how to continue with their business; and people who want to save cost of renting business space.

If you find yourself in any of the situation or you just want to start a new business, you may consider starting from home, while I highlight 10 of the many money-making businesses you could start without a shop or office:

1) Mini importation:  Buying some fast selling goods in small quantities from abroad and selling it to retailers and end-users here in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that gives meaningful income.

Phones and technology gadgets, clothing apparel & accessories, Kitchen utensils, sporting equipment etc. are example of goods you can import from abroad.  There are a lot of  online stores and B2B market places you can reach on the internet without travelling abroad, where you can get sellers of these goods.  If you have sealed price deal and payment mode, some of them ship directly to Nigeria by charging shipping fee, while some ship freely to your doorstep.

You do not need any skill to start, just the knowledge of how to manage your finance, how to know if people need the goods you are about to import, how to reach people and get them to buy from you.
You can start this business with capital as low as 50,000 naira or lesser.

2) Dry cleaning/Laundry: In the recent time, people are too busy to while away time on household chores, and they are ready to pay someone to get it done. Lately, I have been so engrossed in literature that I find it difficult to tidy up my closet.  I can reward you handsomely to get my heap of dirty shirts washed, cleaned, ironed and neatly packed.

If the industry is not cool, Eniibukun Adebayo, CEO of CleanAce dry-cleaners would have stopped floating the multi-million naira business. The industry is growing and you can join from your home.

All you have to do is get a new or used (Tokunbo) washing machine, some detergents, dry cleaning chemicals, spray starch, water supply, water tank, pressing iron, Ironing board/Table( for pressing) to get things started. Then start from your own wardrobe.  Let your business show from your appearance, people will call on you, you are what you sell.

3) Catering & Confectionery: The passion you have for cooking and baking can actually be a source of income for you. Oh Yeah! A huge income I mean. Catering for friends and relatives parties, events and functions can give you good income and the good side of it is that you can start from your home.

If you do not have the idea of how to start, you can start with your own birthday! Make a branded disposable plate for take-away with your brand name on it and tell your friends about your new business.
If you have magic hands, friends and relative will refer their associates and other friends to you for their next party.

Note: You may need to attend culinary classes if you do not have cooking skills.

4) Fruits & Drink processing: Apart from nutritional benefit of taking fruits as food supplement, it is now a trend to serve fruit drinks at high-class parties and events. Saheeto a brand that serves fruits & chops at events in Lagos is making millions from this business and the industry is growing. You can also start from your home and reach the top.

fruitjuice credit-sodahead.com(Photo credit: Sodahead.com)

You can start by getting inspiration from books on juicing and mixing with different juice recipe. Also, you can try on your own to blend fruits together to get your own recipe of juice, chap-man, cocktail etc. You will need juice extractor, mixer/blender, dispenser, cooler, refrigerator and culinary books about fruits and juice.

5) Food packaging: Preparing and packaging of breakfast ( for customers who have limited time to make breakfast before going to work) and lunch (for  corporate customers who are too busy to leave their job for lunch).

I got this idea from Michael Eilertsen,CEO of LIVEOUTLOUD Group. He sold breakfast packs during morning traffic in Jo’burg, South Africa. He realized his customers had little time for breakfast and what he did: He packed muffin, fruit juice, fruit, snack, a spoon, a mint and a piece of paper with the business lesson of the week. Within 2 months, people started ordering, booking and phoning for breakfasts; and he hits it.

You can start your own food packaging business today!

6) Online business:  You can actually become a millionaire ( as in millionaire in dollars oooo) through legitimate online business. There are a lot of businesses that could make you a money-bag. I will list few of the online businesses here, and I will explain some of it on my coming post.
work from home

i) Blogging

ii) Affiliate Marketing

iii) Web design

iv) e-books

v) Application development

vi) Coaching online

vii) Free lancing

viii) Editing

The list is just too many to mention here. I own up that you need professional skills to start some of the businesses, while some of them need your intellectual knowledge, hobby and passion.

For instance; if you are brilliant in some subjects, you can start blogging, e-books author and online coaching without acquiring any professional skill, but I admit, it is not for you if you are lazy. It requires more reading, studying and research. But if you are passionate and you are truly good in the subject area, you will be fine.

It is all good if you have heard of some of the above listed online businesses and if you have not, please find out; Google, Bing and other search engines are your friends. Get your laptop and internet connection, apply your knowledge and acquired skills to solve people’s problem from your home and start counting your Benjamin Franklin(money)!

7) Fashion designing/Tailoring: Fashion and style is a trend that will never fade away. People want to look good, smart and elegant. If you are very creative, you will make a fortune out of it. The interesting part of the story is that, it is easy for you to get to the top if you are very innovative at what you are known for.

It takes few months to get the basic skills required for a good tailor, and you need formal education to become a renowned fashion designer. On getting basic skills, you can easily start by raising little capital to buy manual sewing machine (We got Butterfly brand sewing machine for my wife in 2010 at about Eighteen Thousand Naira) as the business grows, you can get an electric machine to make production easy and increase your productivity.

Tip: Make nice cuts for yourself and your friends, by doing so, you are already advertising your business. You can also network by attending fashion shows, workshop, seminars and exhibition.

8) Coaching/Training: This is the time for you to make use of that your academic brilliance and professional skills to improve your own standard of living and add value to lives of other people. You will be expanding your knowledge by teaching people what they do not know and you will be earning pay for giving out this knowledge. You do not need a well furnished office to get this done.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned coaching/training as one of the online businesses you can do. If you find it challenging to raise money for online coaching, owing to the fact that you will need some capital for laptop, internet connection and the platform to use, you may start offline and later graduate to online coaching. (In my opinion, you may start both at the same time. It is more easier to connect with people online, we are in the computer age)

Please do not start this if you are not ready to do more studying or you are not so brilliant in area of subject you will be coaching, as you may sometimes have clients that are smarter and if you are not competent enough to outsmart them from your quality knowledge, you may lose them to other trainers that are diligent and brilliant in that discipline.

9) Event Planning/Decorating: I have never seen a weekend go free without party or event in our society. Every small occasion calls for celebration here in Nigeria particularly among my people of the South West, Nigeria. Party venues now look like paradise with lot of illumination, lighting effect, floral design, lovely seat arrangement and decorations. In the recent time, your occasion is not classy if these decorative touches are missing.

You can decorate event venue for people, corporate organizations, government etc. and get well paid for your service. You will need a few weeks or months to get trained as a good Event planner/Decorator.

Tip: It is all about creativity and little professional skills. You will have an edge if you know how to play with colour and art.

10) Travel consultancy/Ticketing: Everyone needs a break! Like one of my  friends will say. People travel a lot for business, study, medics, pilgrim and pleasure. A lot of people really want to travel within and outside the country but they find the travel arrangement so difficult.

Travel arrangement including: Hotel reservation/booking, visa appointment booking, visa procurement,  International student scholarship & admission, accommodation abroad, booking ticket to visit tourist attraction centres, finding language translators, currency exchange, transport and airline booking etc. are popular challenges people face in their travel experience, and if you can solve these problems for them, you will earn your fat pay.

Now how do you help people solve these problems to get paid?  You need important information about the niche. Find out about: countries and their diplomacy, about people, holidays & tourism, doing business in different countries, economy of countries, update about countries and global events.

If you are able to get useful information about these countries and how to get to these countries legitimately and easily; especially securing a visa to the so-called developed countries(U.S,UK,Canada,Germany and the rest) your home will be a sort of mecca ( Oooomo, I no go lie you people wan enta Yankee o, dem no wan know whether levels pure for there or not)

After all, I did not have any professional qualification in Travel/Tourism and I was able to get study visa for my wife when she went for a Fashion design programme in Italy. ( Though, she wasn’t granted visa at her first attempt cos she applied late. lol! but Oyinbo give am visa at second attempt) Thanks to my interest in Travel and my subscription to travel/holiday magazines, Satellite channels, column, forum and programmes.

You too can start your Travel consultancy business, by trying it out for your financially buoyant buddy who needs a get away or your wealthy relative who wants his child to study abroad. ( but if you still need expertise experience, you can consult me, but no be for free oo at least you go buy me carrot or cup of coffee)

Tips: Read magazines about travel and countries, watch TV programmes and channels about Travel & Tourism, connect with travellers, be a traveller and share your experience.

Having read through this post, I want to believe you have gotten some of the information needed to start your own business today, even if you do not have a shop or you cannot afford to set up an office at the moment.

Feel free to share this resource with your friends, relatives, associates and colleagues. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further help on starting up your business. Follow me on Twitter or like my facebook page

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About Abiodun A. Abiodun

Abiodun is the Founder of BlueEagle International, a retail firm. He is also the founder of mybroadstreet.com He is an entrepreneur, writer, barber and interior designer. Abiodun discusses and writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, business and economy. He has interest in luxury, art, fashion, travel and technology. Abiodun is passionate about sport, particularly football (soccer) and boxing.

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