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Welcome to mybroadstreet.com 

…knowledge through experience!




“To help others while helping myself, in the process of maximizing my potentials”


What is it about?

Experience and knowledge on entrepreneurship, leadership, business and economy. Inspiring stories; shared through quotes, news, interview and personal experience of people who have recorded remarkable achievements in their journey of life.



Personal and business experience have broaden my knowledge, and my instinct is challenging me to share the vast experience with the world.

I belong to the ‘learning from cradle to death’ school of thought. If you have attained impressive heights in several fields of life, you are welcome here. There is more to life; success is never a destination but a journey.

A student of life who is always curious to learn new things or stay updated with trend and happenings, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship, business and leadership? You will find this platform resourceful as hub of information, inspiration, education and knowledge.

I implore anyone who take a keen interest in entrepreneurship and economy to subscribe to this website.


The Face Behind MyBroadStreet.com

I am Abiodun A. Abiodun.

An entrepreneur, writer, barber and interior designer (interior architect).

In my primary school days, I was good at saving up my pocket-money &  food allowance. In my secondary school days, I was brilliant at Commerce;  in my higher institution days, I was a major in Economics & Management; making A s(no bragging).

In the real world, it is not easy, yet I am building my own empire, working to fulfill the scary tall dreams I have; as a visionary leader.

I grew up in a setting where academic competition is valued, so no hiding place for me. I had to face my fear and challenges at the early stage. My enterprising upbringing has given me edge in the world of business. Let me suffice it to say that my knowledge of the business world starts from my early days of life.

I am a Pan-Africanist, Africa is dear to my heart! As a designer, I have eye on for luxury design in building and fashion. I am passionate about community services, business and leadership. I have interest in art, technology, travel, culture and tradition. I am a sport lover with special attraction to football (soccer) and emotional feelings for boxing.

Welcome to my world, benvenuto!

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